Our Story

We believe that the success of a researcher relies heavily on his or her ability to interact and cooperate with other researchers and funding institutions. Based on this belief, the Neuro Meetups Bern was born as a platform to provide young researchers with a place where they could share and discuss their project and exchange knowledge with their peers in an informal setting.

In September 2018 we started a pilot series which lasted three months. Every Friday evening we opened the stage to one or two young researchers and gave them and their research the spotlight. They could choose to present their project as an oral presentation or poster, or share a special technique driving their research. During these three months we observed an interest by the young neuroscience community in Bern to know what their peers work on, present their own research to others and network with scientists from other labs. 


On the 3rd of April 2019 we started with a new set of Neuro Meetups. On the first Wednesday of the month we give a platform to two scientists. To improve communication between universities in Switzerland, we will give a speaker from the neuroscience community in Bern the option to invite a speaker from another university in Switzerland. Each will give a 20 minute talk followed by 10 minutes of questions. Afterwards we encourage scientists to have informal discussions.

Networking in an informal setting with other scientists is a fundamental part of the Neuro Meetups Bern, therefore these sessions will be followed by an apéro.

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