Raquel Sandoval did her first master in Human Biology in Barcelona.  After  spending some time traveling around Europe, she enrolled in the Joint Master in Neuroscience, a tri-national program of the Universities of Strasbourg (FR), Freiburg (DE) and Basel (CH) and then joined the EPFL to conduct her master thesis.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in the lab of Prof. Nevian and is part of the Interfaculty Research Cooperation (IRC) Decoding Sleep. Raquel studies how the thalamocortical oscillations are disrupted during the different wake states under chronic pain. By performing multisite implantations, she is currently screening the changes in activity of the pain matrix. 

Raquel firmly believes in the importance of science  communication within the scientific community and towards the general public. For this reason, she founded the Neuro Meetups Bern and is involved in the young Swiss Society for Neuroscience (ySSN) as well as in the team that organizes Pint of Science in Bern.

Her hobbies include alpinism and parkour.