Lotte Johanna Elisabeth (Liselot) Jonker


Liselot Jonker is a PhD candidate in the lab of Prof. Nevian where she studies synaptic plasticity and dendritic properties of cortical neurons. She obtained here Bachelor in Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam and continued her studies at the UvA with a Master in Neurosciences. 

Between her Bachelors and Masters, she spent two year on the boards of different organisations. She was the acquisition officer for the Beethoven 9 tour of the Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra, one of the best student orchestras of the Netherlands. After that she was involved in the organisation of her rowing club, A.A.S.R. Skøll. During her summer holidays she volunteerd as a production assistant at the famous Dutch classical music festival, Grachtefestival Amsterdam. While studying for her Masters she worked for Forensic DNA labs, giving workshops about forensic DNA profiling to high-school students throughout the Netherlands. 

Liselot has joined the Neuro Meetups and is looking forward to organise and participate in interesting sessions and discussions with neuroscientists in Bern.