Federica studied Biological Sciences in Rome, at University of La Sapienza. The choice of studying Neurobiology was a natural progression from her literary interests in understanding consciousness and free will.


When the time came to choose a masters thesis topic, inspiration from reading 'Crime and Punishment' narrowed her interest to the complexity of pain. It was indeed a happy coincidence to find a laboratory in Rome focused on the processing of pain in the peripheral nervous system where upon joining she was involved in developing targeted treatments for chronic pain.   

She has recently made the move up to the brain and is now pursuing her PhD at the University of Bern in the lab of Prof. Nevian, where she is studying how the nociceptive processing is performed in neuronal networks for the conscious and individual experience of pain.


Luckily organizing these neuromeetups give her a chance to think of less painful things. Her hobbies are walking around Switzerland and forcefully teaching Italian...