Public Relations

Camille Gontier obtained his Master in engineering from the ISAE-Supaéro in Toulouse, France, and conducted his master project at the CNES, the French Space Agency. He then moved to neuroscience by joining the Master of research in Cognitive Science (Cogmaster) from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris. He realized his master thesis at the Center for Neuroprosthetics of the EPFL, on the cerebral encoding of leg movement.

After working 2 years in industry as an engineer at Airbus Defence & Space, he is currently pursuing his PhD in the laboratory of Prof. Jean-Pascal Pfister (Theoretical Neuroscience Group) on the stochasticity of synaptic transmission. He would describe himself as a theorist with great interest for collaborating with experimentalists and for developing quantitative solutions for experimental neuroscience. He especially benefits from a close collaboration with the experimental laboratory of Prof. Martin Mueller (University of Zurich).

His interest for sharing science and for encouraging young researchers to present their projects led him to join the Neuro Meetups Bern.

His hobbies include aircraft flying, scuba diving, and writing.