Structure of a Neuro Meetup Bern

The Neuro Meetups Bern will take place every first Wednesday of the month at 5 pm in the Department of Physiology of the University of Bern. The address is Bühlplatz 5, 3012 Bern.


Each Neuro Meetup session will address a specific topic. Therefore, both speakers have to be working on the same topic and approach it from different perspectives.

One speaker will be from the University of Bern and the other from another Swiss University.

Each speaker will have 20 minutes to present his or her research. Each talk will be followed by 10 minutes of questions from the audience.

The first talk will start sharply at 5:00 pm. Please be on time to avoid interrupting the speakers.

Every session will finish with an apéro as to encourage networking between the attendees in a relaxed atmosphere.

Guidelines both speakers

Confirmation of your attendance to the meeting is binding.

Send us the title of your presentation one week after confirmation of attendance, as well as a picture and a short biography.

You can either bring your presentation in a USB or send us your presentation by email.

A pointer will be provided.


You must speak within the time limit.


Speak clearly and at a reasonable pace.

Guidelines for the external speaker

Confirmation of your attendance to the meeting is binding.

Let us know one week in advance at what time you will arrive in Bern and whether you would like someone to pick you up from the train station. 

Keep the recipe of your train tickets so we can reimburse you. Unfortunately we cannot cover the expenses of a 1st class ticket.

Guidelines for the local speaker

Confirmation of your attendance to the meeting is binding.

Once you have confirmed you will be a speaker, provide us with a list of labs, or names of scientists whom you would like us to invite for the day of your talk.

The day of your talk, please arrive 10 minutes before 5:00 pm to meet with the chairperson and confirm the name of your talk.